Agriculture is the backbone of man’s survival and livelihood. It is one of the most effective and efficient way in alleviating poverty.
Agriculture is a venture that very few graduates tend to express interest in, because of its rigorous nature. The Company uses two main models, the Out-grower Cooperatives and the commercial farming model. The Out-grower Cooperatives has one thousand five hundred (1500) out-growers at the moment and hoping to increase to twenty- thousand (20,000) out-growers by 2023. The company has a commercial farm of five thousand (5000) acres for the production of maize rice and soybean.

Orcas Global is basically, a group of young result-oriented entrepreneurs that have ventured into agriculture for the past three (3) years. The company has a very brilliant and experienced Board, management and staff who explore the numerous brilliant and smart ideas efficiently, for excellent results. Due to the youthful management of the organization, they have the resilience and ability to synergize with other partners to give you value for money, while sustaining livelihoods and alleviating poverty.

Orcas Global is one of the few companies chalking success in the Northern belt using the out-grower Coperatives due to its well-structured system for its recovery process from the out-growers by providing Input Credit, Mechanization, Service , Good agronomic practices that meet climate smart agricultural standards worldwide, and has ready market for the produce that it produces. Our commercial farms will produce crops all year through an irrigation system.

The company has a long term goal of producing branded processed products from its own rice, soybean and maize farms that will be supplied to all local and international markets.

In lieu of this, we are encouraging individuals, organizations and institutions to invest in agriculture through Orcas Global Company Ltd as it is gaining world recognition through its agricultural activities.