Orcas Global Ltd and Jamvis Enterprise entered into a Memorandum of Understanding in April 2019. Appending signatures, for Orcas Global and its partners often does not only display two parties entering into a simple game with rules and regulations. Yet, imbedded in the process is an intrinsic value and motivation underlining our action, which is to make tractors available to farmers (especially women) in sustainable ways. 
Our vision for taking this giant step is to bring to northern societies and the country at large a world where drudgery in farming could be mitigated to the barest minimum.
We are placing ourselves at the zenith where farmers can find requisite inputs such as tractors, which are imperious to enhancing commercial agriculture. With flexible payment terms, we would be putting smile on the faces of our Village Savings and Loans Associations. Consequently bridging the value chain cracks. Do walk into our office for strategic partnerships.