Orcas Global position itself to be a companion of farmers and all value chain actors in the agriculture sector. The company make available certified seeds, profitable fertiliser blends, approved weedicides and pesticides via it’s B2B networking for farmers., farmers to expand their farm size to boost yield outputs for sustained incomes, and generate employment for individuals who hitherto have no access to land and agro inputs on their own.



Through our Agro clinics, which is one of our many marketing mechanisms, we provide farmers’ verifiable impact for adoption of good agricultural practices (GAPs) Orcas Global provide, and the potency of agro inputs we recommend to farmers. Selected individuals nomenclatured as FEMs (Farm Extension Monitor) are residents of the communities we operate. FEM lead the demonstration set ups and general information dissemination about innovative inputs to farmers in their communities. They also feed Orcas Global with key market information to improve on and serve our customers better.

At this locus, Orcas Global instituted highly innovative business arrangement with our Farm Extension Monitors (FEM). We thus make cost effective and efficient communication deals with our clientele communities to private extension / advisory service to our farmers.



Orcas Global collaborates with machinery owners / operators to provide mechanised services to farmers’ especially women and the youth. We presently render tractor services to women farmers in northern Ghana. Our mechanisation service cover agro machinery and logistics trade.



Presently, this business portfolio is still at the teething stage. Provisionally, we adapted Village Savings and Loans Association (VLSA) model to provide platform for financial inclusion in the communities we operate.

Together with World Cover and GAIP, the VSLAs members mostly farmers have subscribed to various crop insurance products.