As part of measures to revitalise the interest of our farmers in northern Ghana and the country at large, staff of Orcas Global and other well-meaning individuals took part in advocacy and training on January 28, 2019 at the office of Orcas Global in Tamale. World Cover conducted the training in a very engaging and enthralling style. Orcas Global share this giant milestone with World Cover.

Team Orcas is poised to deploy the arsenals received during the training to drawn smiles into the face of our cherished farmers. The gospel of crop insurance shall be intensified as Orcas Global roll out it’s interventions to famers in northern Ghana.

The story about crop insurance has become imperative following the impact of climate change, which is present with us. As the world through research is advocating for short maturing varietal crops on one hand, the CSOs / NGOs on the other hand over decades are still matching forward with the never-ending story on conservation agriculture, and afforestation amongst others. At Orcas Global, we are proud to join the bandwagon to contribute our bit in the shorter period to providing insurance cover for farmers. Let us team up and spread the news. We are here to support your crop insurance efforts.