At Orcas Global, financial self-reliance, availability and equality of opportunities is anchored on the VSLA model. The recent past has been very turbulent times when it comes to keeping and raising financial credit with guaranteed future by smallholder farmers. Primus inter pares is the VSLA model for the rural farmer in a wringing mistrust saving milieu.
Staff of Orcas Global in this light sensitized and registered smallholder farmers on its VSLA portfolio in North Gonja district of the Savannah Region of Ghana. Several farmers with little or no collateral bought into the idea since it provides financial discipline and guaranteed source of funds for agricultural input acquisition towards farming activities each cultivating period. The project hope to cover the whole district and possibly, extend activities to other districts in revenue mobilisation for the smallholder farmers. 
Assuredly, it is our utmost mission to maintain cordial and congenial working relationship with the people of North Gonja. Orcas Team thus, look forward to strengthening its business relations in the district.