On April 26 2019, Orcas team and partners performed field visitation and stakeholder consultation to sign more VSLAs to it’s Maize Out-grower business in Kpashegu traditional area. Five (5) VSLAs in Nyamaliga, Tunteiya and Kpanshegu communities were brought on-board. The members of these associations mostly farmers, expressed their profound gratitude and excitement about Orcas Global initiative to provide tractor and agro input support services. The joy according to these farmers span mainly from the fact that they will be able to expand their farm sizes, boost crop yield and generate optimal income for food and health while meeting the educational needs of their children.
At Orcas Global, one critical strand and essence of food security and livelihood is food utilisation to meet nutritional needs of every home. The main actors at the centre of food utilisation in our part of Ghana and Sub-sahara Africa is women. This is what excite Orcas team when womenfolk keep rising in our community mobilisation efforts. 
Respectively, chief amongst the responsibilities and duties of traditional heads in northern Ghana is provision of food security and protection from danger our people. As a result, traditional heads and women groups were consulted. Our team was overwhelmed with the kind reception accorded us. We were quite impressed about the candidness and vocal nature of the women of Kpashegu traditional area. It is a great sign of unearthing buried gender needs and harnessing women strengths for sustainable development. Kudos to Kpashegu traditional area heads for showing leadership.