Orcas Global made a move to assist physically challenge group of women to kick-start farming livelihood in northern Ghana. We will support these women with agro inputs to bring under cultivation a total of 80 acres of land. Orcas team reached this noble determination during an interactive session with 40 physically challenged women of Great Initiate Foundation in Nyankpala.
Whereas the world is fast drifting towards economic empowerment of women and the physically challenged, it is quite fascinating to discover the mental state some of our women still find themselves. Great Initiate Foundation, a body of physically challenge women in Northern Ghana still harbour a backward notion that only men are supposed to own land and practice farming. For Orcas Global, information is an economic resource and we will add to our core business activities gender sensitization and capacity building. This we hope will contribute to empowering our women with essential information(s) to start and improve their income earnings.